A Campground Among Orchards

In all honesty, the campgrounds we stayed in throughout British Columbia were mostly just a means to get to Alaska. We pinpointed as far as we were willing to drive without poking our eyes out and stopped in those places for a quick rest and some groceries before heading off again.

Kelowna, BC was the only spot that had a bit more forethought put into it.

Juneau, Alaska

The day finally came for us to get on the ferry. We were asked to get there two hours early but in typical fashion we got there two and a half hours early. Yep, we are those people. We took Phoebe on a walk up and down all of the lines in order to tucker her out.

Haines, Alaska

Crossing the border into Alaska was a bit surreal. Not only because the lane was extra wide for us (hooray!) or that the check-in was on my side (I’m sorry, what’s my name again?) but that after three weeks of intense driving, new experiences, and more anxiety than normal, we had finally arrived.

The Tire Fiasco

I suppose it was inevitable. With all of the driving we’ve been doing, we were bound to experience a real deal flat. Not the kind where we limp our way over to the tire repair store but the kind that delays us a day from getting to our next campground.

Whitehorse, Yukon

By changing campgrounds unexpectedly, we ended up cutting our trip to Whitehorse in half. We were actually quite grateful for that. Instead of 450 miles in one day, we did about 260.

Baby Nugget Saved The Day

Our trip to Tatogga was mostly uneventful. We did however see FOUR bears and one black fox. On the drive to Telkwa we saw our first black bear. The other three were a mama and two young cubs. We have not seen, much to my mom’s dismay, any moose. Stay tuned.

Telkwa and Smithers

We’ve sauntered deeper into the wilderness and the feeling of things being even remotely familiar have vanished. Gas stations, grocery stores, measurements and every day routines are different. 

Time In Quesnel

Leaving Vancouver allowed us to breathe. We made it out of the campsite without any issues and when we were finally on the highway we relaxed. It was exciting to continue our journey north and the enormity of our trip actually hit me when we were close to Quesnel.