A Day in Napa

Napa is about an hour and twenty minutes north of our campground so we decided to make a day trip out of it.

Unlike most people, Napa makes me think less about wine and more about the remake of The Parent Trap movie. And it is entirely possible we were the only ones (of drinking age) that weren’t there to drink wine.

Golden Gate Bridge

We’ve been waiting for the best day to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. Not too windy. Not too foggy. Not too crowded.

We lucked out.

Fisherman's Wharf

One of the first things we did in San Francisco was to head to Fisherman’s Wharf. As soon as you exit off of the highway you end up right in downtown and make your way around the edge of the city before running into FW (can I call it FW?).

Half Moon Bay, CA

Half Moon Bay is about 30 minutes south of our campground so we hopped in the truck and bounced on over there. It was a gorgeous day (the perfect temp in my opinion which means it was under 70) and we found a dog friendly beach just west of town.

Sausalito, CA

We arrived into the San Francisco area yesterday afternoon and coming through the Robin Williams tunnel and out the other side to the extreme beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge was nothing short of spectacular. It was a long driving day and finally seeing that beautiful bridge was a bit surreal.

Yachats, Oregon

Oh mighty internet, we are back! While we loved (loved!) our campground at Sea Perch RV, it was a little too far outside of civilization.

Windows Wide Open

We are hopping our way down the Oregon coast and a few days ago we pulled into our second beach spot and wow. We knew it was going to be beautiful (thanks to a gorgeous website) but as we’ve begun to explore, it is truly phenomenal.

Cannon Beach, OR

On my Aunt Cardie’s top five places to visit, Cannon Beach definitely made the list. She would often take a weekend trip every few months with her best friend from college to snuggle in the friend’s beach house.