Eataly Heaven

I spent three months in Italy when I was a sophomore in college and the closest I’ve gotten to it since was stepping into Eataly.

Basil, tomatoes and focaccia - OH MY!

Nobody Puts Chicago in the Corner

Chicago has never been on my radar and I haven’t thought about visiting in the past. But my mom wanted to make it there this year and take us on the Architectural River Tour. She was ecstatic.

Hurricane Michael

Hurricanes are eerie. They seem unbelievable to me. How can they be so strong and destructive? I know they aren’t unbelievable to people who personally experience them. They are real. They are devastating.

Baileys Harbor, WI

We started off at Egg Harbor playing at a local dog park and then we went (very spontaneously) to a pumpkin patch festival nearby. We almost didn’t go but we smelled kettle corn and it seemed like basically the whole town was attending so we just had to check it out.

Minneapolis Love

We kind of absolutely loved Minneapolis. My mom traveled here for a lot of work meetings and I came once a few years ago for a photography class.

But this time felt a little different.

Corn and Iowa Chill

The corn next to our camp is sadly inedible but screams fall and I am clapping my hands with glee. Not only does it look like fall, it feels like fall.

A Peek of Fall

Trees as bright and golden as the sun.

Fall was starting to creep in to Denver, CO when we were there about a week ago. I don’t think I’ve ever seen trees in transition quite like that. It was so beautiful.