A Quintessential PNW Day

We’re back! We are still in Seattle but will be heading out March 4th to Oregon/California for a few months until we work our way back north to spend a good portion of the summer in Alaska!

Key West, FL

Our campground in The Keys was in Key Largo so after getting settled - we took the 2 hour journey to Key West. I expected the end destination to be the cherry on the sundae but it was actually the drive there. It was stunning.

An Art Deco Dream

If you want to be plucked from this current year and transported to the 1920s era, head to South Beach Miami. It can’t promise an experience free from our current political situation - seeing as there are still a myriad of election signs hanging everywhere - but it can brighten the color spectrum to an almost pastel lovers dream.

The Art Deco area of South Beach is something else.

A Trip Through The Everglades

Alas, a few days ago it was fairly overcast and much cooler than it has been since we’ve arrived in Miami so we dashed over there after lunch to check it out.

I had this sneaky feeling that these airboat tours had somehow turned into an amusement park attraction that was going to include no alligator sightings and some goofy show.

It was the exact opposite.

St. Augustine, FL

Alternative title - a beautiful sauna.

“The heat is not soul - crushingly hot”, is what my mom said when we first got here. I would mostly agree with that. It is pretty bearable. The shade is actually quite pleasant but when we open the door of our RV, we are hit with sauna like steam and I want to immediately go back inside where it’s cool and we have a fan (and AC).

Spanish Moss and A Lighthouse

We spent one afternoon walking around downtown Savannah and exploring Forsyth Park and the neighboring streets. Savannah has held on strong to its roots and beautiful architecture.

Meet Me in St. Louis!

Meet Me in St. Louis, the musical film with Judy Garland, was an all time favorite of my Aunt Cardie. She showed it to me over and over again.

We would belt out - Clang, clang, clang went the trolley with Judy and the rest of the cast.