Windows Wide Open

We are hopping our way down the Oregon coast and a few days ago we pulled into our second beach spot and wow. We knew it was going to be beautiful (thanks to a gorgeous website) but as we’ve begun to explore, it is truly phenomenal.

Cannon Beach, OR

On my Aunt Cardie’s top five places to visit, Cannon Beach definitely made the list. She would often take a weekend trip every few months with her best friend from college to snuggle in the friend’s beach house.

What She's Missing

While waiting for our hideous passport photos to develop, we were perusing the beauty section. Ha! We stumbled upon this nifty lip stick shaped facial hair remover. We snatched it off the rack and purchased it with our photos.

My hopes of it working were a little low but the thought of a more pain-free way of removing hair that doesn’t include plucking or waxing sounded fantastic.

A Quintessential PNW Day

We’re back! We are still in Seattle but will be heading out March 4th to Oregon/California for a few months until we work our way back north to spend a good portion of the summer in Alaska!

Key West, FL

Our campground in The Keys was in Key Largo so after getting settled - we took the 2 hour journey to Key West. I expected the end destination to be the cherry on the sundae but it was actually the drive there. It was stunning.

An Art Deco Dream

If you want to be plucked from this current year and transported to the 1920s era, head to South Beach Miami. It can’t promise an experience free from our current political situation - seeing as there are still a myriad of election signs hanging everywhere - but it can brighten the color spectrum to an almost pastel lovers dream.

The Art Deco area of South Beach is something else.