Seaport RV Resort

Seaport RV Resort

Mystic is my new favorite town. Holy smokes! We loved the campground almost as much as Mystic itself. Here are our thoughts:

Location: This camp is 10 minutes from downtown Mystic and about 5 minutes from the interstate. It is in a quiet little area off from the main road and a good 15 minutes from a grocery store. Overall I liked the easy proximity to everything. 

Camp Atmosphere: The camp carried a nautical vibe with a rustic forest feel. The leaves were turning when we were there (end of September/early October) and it was breezy and slightly warm. The camp was very open and many campers like to decorate their site. I noticed a lot of lights once it got dark. 

Camp Sites: The site spots were VERY spacious. We couldn't believe how much room we had. Once our RV was parked, there was enough room for our truck to be parked parallel to the RV with space in between for another car or maybe another truck. This site had water, a picnic table and fire pit. It did not include a sewer hook up but they did offer a honey wagon. What in the world is a honey wagon? is a service the camp provided that had camp maintenance come a dump your sewer into their mobile truck. There is a spot to dump on the way out but the Honey Wagon made the process during our stay way easier. 

Amenities: Grocery/camping supply store, laundry facility, kids playground, pool, a trash facility, and a bathroom facility.

Final Rating - 8 out of 10