That One Time We Arrived to Our Campground at Night

That One Time We Arrived to Our Campground at Night


So....remember back on September 26th when I wrote about there being a miscalculation in the number of miles we would be traveling between each campground?


Well, it makes a difference. Definitely look at how many miles you will be traveling in a day because it matters.

Unless you like driving at night and hooking up your RV in the dark, I wouldn't recommend it. Plus 12 hours in the truck was about 7 hours too long. Fortunately our lovely camp host backed up our RV into the phew! How he managed to do it with my mom pointing a small light at his runway into the spot was beyond me. I closed my eyes and ran with Phoebe in the other direction. 

Our campground was really the biggest thrill on our side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. We DID however take a trip to see the wild Chincoteague ponies. My mom has been wanting to see them since we left Nashville. Once you get on the island, there is a road that leads you parallel to where the ponies live and eat. I'm pretty sure, as you can tell from other posts, that my mom and I thought we were going to be able to hop some fence and go pet them but that was not the case. We did get to see them but they were waaaaaaaay off in the distance being you know....wild.  Their wild selves did not want anything to do with all of us crazy animal lovers. We did attempt the trail walk to see them from another location but about 10 paces in we got attacked by ginormous mosquitoes and we high tailed it back to the truck. We only got 1.2 million bites. We're fine.

Most of our days in Cape Charles we relaxed at the campground because it was gorgeous and on the beach. But one of the days we attempted the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. 

20 miles. 20 MILES!!!

It was the most gorgeous and terrifying drive I've ever experienced. 20 miles over water with two tunnels in between.

It wasn't scary in the truck but it was a bit sweat inducing with big Thelma in the back. She cleared the tunnels by a sheet of tissue paper. Barf! 

We would have gone across multiple times but the toll was $13 one way and that seemed a little steep for a quick trip over a 1,000 mile long bridge every day. I mean 20 miles. I guess it is a good excuse to come back again to explore Virginia Beach more. :) 

Even after all of the exaggerations, if you get the chance to take the CBBT - do it! I've never seen anything like it and it is worth the toll.

I meant to post about Cape Charles before we settled into our new home in North Carolina so not to confuse you, we are in NC not VA. Womp. Blogging newbie.





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