Raleigh, Durham and Duke - Oh my!

Raleigh, Durham and Duke - Oh my!


Okay, so I know Duke isn't a city but it made the title sound a little more sing song-y. 


We finally got to stroll a bit of Raleigh, check out some suggested spots in Durham and take a car tour through Duke.

My favorite spot in Raleigh was lucettegrace. With yellow accents and modern fixtures, this bakery had equal parts charm and comfort. The chocolate croissant didn't suck either. In fact it was down right delicious. From the pictures on their website I thought it was going to be too fancy and stiff but even with some delicate desserts, the place couldn't have been more welcoming. I would definitely recommend if you are in the Raleigh area.

After that we took a 30 minute drive to Durham where we strolled around Parker & Otis - a mix between a small cafe, cookbook store and a modern gift shop. It was the kind of place where you could find an obscure kitchen gadget that you weren't really looking for but had to have! In the stationary section we almost bought the dachshund notepad but then we realized we don't write many notes so that was out. Gotta keep splurges to a minimum in an RV.

I read about an enthusiastic recommendation to try out Monuts - about 7 minutes away from Parker & Otis. I mean who can pass up a donut recommendation? The author boasted about long lines and unique donut flavor combinations. I don't know if it was the time of day (we were there around 1PM) or if we are donut snobs but I was a bit underwhelmed by the selection. The chocolate old fashioned was pretty flavor free and the apple cider was a touch oily. I'm going to chalk it up to bad timing. Donuts are probably better (or at least fresher) in the AM, right?

After our donut excursion, we took a driving tour of Duke University. What a gorgeous campus! And big. Wow! I'm pretty sure we only drove through a quarter of it. We'll have to look at a map because I think we only hit undergraduate admissions and the medical department. Either way, it was fun to see the Duke stomping grounds.

I was light on photography today but there are a few pictures below of our travels.

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Cardie in October

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