RV Ramblings - Laundry

RV Ramblings - Laundry


Did you know that RVs actually come with the ability to do laundry? Well, they don't do the laundry for you - unfortunately - but they do have room for a teeny tiny machine. 

And we have one!

It was going to be a deal breaker if we were going to be without. Coincidentally, many of the RV parks we've frequented have laundry facilities but I really can't see us being super disciplined about trooping down there to wash and dry our clothes and remembering the quarters, etc. 

We certainly aren't beneath it. I did it for a year when I was in an apartment and it worked out just fine but I know my strengths (and weaknesses) so if I have an option, I'm going to pick whatever is easiest.

So, we have a cute little washer/dryer combo that sits happily in it's own closet in the bedroom. It can wash and dry independently (i.e. you can dry a wet towel without washing it first) OR you can twist and turn the dials to wash and dry in a single cycle. 

A few days into RV living, we got excited about trying out the w/d machine. We loaded up the clothes, put in the detergent and spun all the dials to the correct settings. START!




It made rumbling noises like it was trying really hard to make something happen but...nothing. The manual made no sense and there was a bag of loose screws and parts which seemed a little ominous.

I could tell my mom was starting to lose her cool so I stepped in and said I would try to figure it out. I'm generally more calm in these situations but I didn't seem to be getting anywhere either. Pressing and repressing buttons wasn't exactly starting the machine. Then...


The water. The water needed to be turned on so you know, the clothes can be washed. Flipped the switches and BAM! Success. 

It seemed that after over a month of washing clothes we would have the system down pat but...the other day I threw in a load that could be washed and dried in one cycle so I put in the detergent, added the clothes and started the machine. Good to go.

I came back an hour or so later, pulled all the warm clothes out but something wasn't right. I sniffed the clothes and they didn't smell fresh and clean. They smelled like dirty laundry out of the drier. What? I looked at all of the dials and came to realize that the knob was turned to dry only. So basically I just warmed up dirty clothes. Perfect. 

Even with a few weird mishaps however, we are very grateful for our combo mini washing machine. It may shake our RV like a small earthquake on the dry cycle, but we are very partial to it making our life a little easier...and cleaner...when we select the right buttons.

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