Is your hubby available?

Is your hubby available?

Photo by  Barn Images  on  Unsplash

Photo by Barn Images on Unsplash

We were on a roll when we arrived at our site in Birmingham, AL. We arrived at the campground around 2:30PM, pulled into our pull-thru spot and dropped the feet for leveling. 

They extended but the unit where the buttons are located to make the levels go up and down had a flashing red light. 

Red light = Fault

Oh boy. According to the directions on the unit you have to proceed inside to the touchscreen unit and adjust the levels manually using the screen. 

We received error after error after error. And then the levels just stopped working. The whole RV looked pretty stable (and level) to us with the exception of the wheels not touching the ground and the two middle levels hanging precariously in the air. Phoebe was getting antsy and since we were only going to be there for two nights, we figured we could just roll with it. 

Except, the slides would not go out. That's a huge problem. Like can't get inside the RV kind of a problem. No kitchen. No bed. No bathroom. And more importantly, no TV! (Okay, that's not the most important thing, sort of). 

I won't bore you with the sassy calls that were made to the company that promised us if we had any issues, they would provide us with road side assistance. I'll just skip to the part where we (and by we I mean my mom - I don't do phone calls) called the local 24/7 RV assistance man. 

My mom explained the situation and he promptly said...

"If you could put your hubby on the phone, I can tell him how to fix it."

My mom was already hanging by a thin thread but she very politely informed him that there was no hubby involved and she would take care of it. He understood and gave us instructions on how to locate the breaker to restart the system again. It was no where to be found. 

He hopped in his truck and arrived about 30 minutes later. With a classic country ensemble and a fresh cigarette dangling out of his mouth, he located the breaker box (it was inside a box that was screwed tight), restarted the system and added fluid that was low.

After a few more minutes, he raised the levels back up to the starting position and set it to auto level again. 

We were back in business. 

The next day we ran some errands, took a nice hike on a local greenway and prepared for our trip to Mobile today. While Birmingham was just a pitstop, we would love to come back again and do some more exploring.

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