Are You A Couple?

Are You A Couple?


It was a toss up between titles - "Are You A Couple" or "Thelma Punched Louise". I guess I could have split the posts but the two parts of the story really tie together and wouldn't make sense apart.

Let's go back to where it all began...

We were getting close to our turnoff towards the camp here in Panama City, FL. I was watching the map on my phone but the signs on the street and my phone were conflicting. The street sign showed us turning off to the right while my phone showed us continuing straight. Hmmm. In hindsight, always follow the street signs.

But we didn't. 

So we end up going over this beautiful bridge to the other side and I waited for the GPS to recalculate. Turn on Blah Blah street, it said. Except that street was not what was posted on the street signs ahead of us. We turned anyway, down a street that seemed pretty wide. But then we couldn't figure out how to get out. 

And suddenly a woman was running toward us waving her arms asking us what we were doing. She said we couldn't go down the way we were heading because there wasn't a spot to turn around, all dead ends. Instead, we could back up slightly and head towards a semi truck area and make our way back out. She wasn't exactly friendly which made me slink down in my chair.

My mom very successfully maneuvered our truck towards the semi truck entrance to prepare to turn around. There was no easy way to get out. It looked like we were just going to have to go wide and squeeze our way back out. 

As we were turning though, I heard a soft crunching noise. I looked back and Thelma (the RV) was smashing her big head into Louise (the truck). I shouted this information to my mom but at that point, it was too late. We just had to push through and keep going.  

We drove silently back towards our original path and I crossed my fingers the damage would be minimal.

After getting into our spot (where my mom did some impressive backing) I hopped out to look at the truck. Thelma was perfectly fine but Louise had a nice little dent on the top of the cab. Nothing serious but it was clearly the straw that broke the camels back.

I started bawling.

My mom came over and assured me everything was going to be fine and she hugged me until I pulled it together. We decided to walk Phoebe to shake of some of the stress. Our camp host approached us and mentioned that the ground around camp wasn't super dog friendly because of all of the sticky burs. (I might mention that Phoebe is very tough when she gets one in her paw. She pulls it out with her teeth and spits it out. If she does happen to get one that she can't pull out, I scream and run her back to the RV so my mom can pull it out. Womp.) He then turned to us, as we were walking back to the RV and asked,

"Are you a couple?"

I nearly peed myself and my mom held it together long enough to respond in a very polite way by saying, no we are actually mother and daughter. He stammered and mentioned that if we had been a couple, he knew of a great gay bar down the street that he would recommend. He apologized and we smiled and told him it was no big deal. Our guess was the tearful hug led to the hypothesis that we were a couple. 

So now every time my mom introduces us to anybody she always mentions that I'm her daughter. Just on the off chance you might think we are a couple and suggest we check out the local gay bar.

The pictures below are from our "hike" through the town of Rosemary Beach. We didn't document anything from our actual story above. We were too stressed.

Florida Sunset. Enough Said.

Florida Sunset. Enough Said.

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