One More Sleep

One More Sleep


Holy smokes.

We suit up tomorrow morning. 

I mean we hook up and hit the road at 9AM. It didn't feel entirely real until right about now. It was all a far away idea because there was a lot of work to do before hand.

2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, a living/dining room, 2 bathrooms, 5 closets, a laundry room and a big swap from one storage facility to another and 10 trips to Goodwill - stood between us and RV living. And we finished with one day to spare. Phew.

Emotionally and physically, it was draining. It was difficult to go through all of Cardie's things. Some stuff was relatively easy but there were a few things that we just packaged up to store and handle at another time. Her cute red Keds, stored. Her make-up, stored. Her work things (while we could have just donated or used), stored. 

Tomorrow is a big day. Not only because it will be a brand new way of living (hello pulling a ginormous RV from the back of our truck) but also because this moment is so unexpected and not at all what we had imagined we would be doing at this time. We only have three rules of the road:

1. Go slow.

2. Watch overhead clearances.

3. Stay calm.

I'm going to focus on number 2 and my mom is going to focus on number 1 and 3. Wish us luck!

We will be thinking of you a lot tomorrow Cardie - we know you'll be rolling along with us. 

We'll be updating the blog as often as possible but we will also have updates on our Instagram account - @theskymeetstheroad

Thank you ALL for your support, help and love during this process. We so appreciate you all being with us on this journey. We hope to see you at some of our stops!


Miles Shmiles

Miles Shmiles

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