Miles Shmiles

Miles Shmiles


On Monday, we hopped up at 8AM to get on the road by 9. Our pack up process was pretty flawless with two exceptions:

1. Make sure you keep the power cable connected while moving the slides in or you could stand there watching them go in a centimeter every hour. Noted!

2. Make sure the hitch teeth (not sure of the technical term) are open when you back the truck towards the RV so ya know...the RV can lock into place with the truck. Otherwise, you just back up the RV on the ground and nothing productive happens. That was my fault! That hitch kinda scares me. I almost lost my head while the levelers were adjusting.

You would think my mom has been driving the RV for years now because as we pulled out of Nashville Shores, she did it with no issues. A woman was cheering for us as we left. I'm not entirely sure if it was because she was impressed there were two women in the truck or if she was glad our newbie selves were leaving the park.

The trip from Nashville to Anderson, IN was pretty smooth. Phoebe slept 99% of the time. Mom drove the rig (truck + RV) like a boss. I was certainly impressed when she pulled into a gas station to fill up the truck and realized that she needed to circle around the station so that she had an easy out back to the highway. Huh?! Totally did not think of that. I probably would have taken out two or three gas pumps on my way out. This is why we have designated jobs.

Speaking of jobs.

I am the writer, photographer, dish washer and planner. I'm pretty good at the first three but I'm struggling with the latter. 

So when I planned out each spot for us to stay, I calculated driving time based on the hours it took via Google Maps. 5 hours or less. Good to go. I did not however, look at the miles total for each trip or use exact address information from one park to the next. Hmmmm. Can you see where there is going to start to be a problem?

Problem #1 - Google maps is great at giving "average" hours for vague locations but some towns spread much bigger than the central location of a city. 

Problem #2 - Not looking at the total miles means that some trips in a day are close to 550 miles. That's A LOT! 

We realize that we can go halfway and maybe arrive a day late to our planned campsite but that's a bummer and canceling sites is not really in the cards. Some want you to cancel up to 21 days in advance. Um, what? 

So for the first 3 or 4 trips, we've got loooooooooong driving days. I may be learning to drive with the RV sooner rather than later. Or we may need to do some moving around with the schedule. Ugh! 

What lesson are we up to now? 3? Lesson 3 learned. I think I'm going to have to add entertainer to my job description because one little dog is going to need a lot of walks and the driver is going to need a lot of entertainment (favorite podcasts, anyone?). :)

We have enjoyed Anderson, IN for the split second we've been here. We decided everybody needed some exercise today so we went on a hike about 10 minutes from the campsite. I would highly recommend it if you are ever in the Anderson area - it's called Mounds State Park. It was mostly shaded and very beautiful. 

Our campsite is like a huge family/friend's backyard. It certainly isn't the fanciest (although I can't judge - we've only seen 2). Our thoughts will be up on the Camp Reviews page in the next couple of days but for now, you can see pictures below!


The best car rider ever. Good thing because we have some long drives ahead of us. 

The best car rider ever. Good thing because we have some long drives ahead of us. 

Louisville! We waved as we drove past. 

Louisville! We waved as we drove past. 

Rest stop playtime. 

Rest stop playtime. 

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