Smoke and Awe

Smoke and Awe

***Note: This is not our RV***

Phoebe and I were on a walk when I saw the broken front windshield of an older Class A (the ones you drive, not tow). It looked kind of like the insurance commercial where the moose catapults the swing set into the RV. 

Except, when we came around to the side, it wasn't just the windshield that was damaged, it was the whole RV. Burned. 

I was stunned. 

It didn't happen that day but certainly recently.

I knew I wouldn't be able to describe it as well as I could photograph it so I brought my mom back and thank goodness for her. She started chatting with a man walking by with his dog and he said that the owner was fine (phew!) but a tipped candle was the culprit of the fire.

With shocked faces we stared at the RV some more and felt relieved the man was okay and we came away with a new awareness of little things that can turn into big disasters. We have a fire and carbon monoxide alarm but never really processed the idea of one actually occurring.

By the way, our fire alarm works. It works so well that it goes off pretty much every time we make chicken hot dogs. 

I'm not entirely sure how a candle fire could shoot the refrigerator and couch out from the center of the living room (maybe ignited the gas tank?) but running across this RV fire made us more aware of our space heater and candles that we light in our own home. 

Is this not the most shocking thing you've seen in awhile? 

The Lone Star State

The Lone Star State

Hello! We're still here!

Hello! We're still here!