A Trip Through The Everglades

A Trip Through The Everglades

We are a stones throw away from The Everglades and yet I was still ambivalent about going. My mom was beyond excited but we kept pushing back the date. Not only has it been overwhelmingly hot (by my standards and the fountain of sweat running down my back), I just couldn’t picture being on the water with a loud fan behind my head and mosquitos nose diving onto every part of my skin.

But alas, a few days ago it was fairly overcast and much cooler than it has been since we’ve arrived in Miami so we dashed over there after lunch to check it out.

I had this sneaky feeling that these airboat tours had somehow turned into an amusement park attraction that was going to include no alligator sightings and some goofy show.

It was the exact opposite.

We had a burly tour guide that escorted us to our airboat and then hopped up onto the top chair to drive us around The Everglades. The big fan in the back was only loud when we were going fast and that was just in the middle of the trip and we had tiny ear buds to cancel out some of the noise.

At the beginning and the end of the tour we saw four or five alligators and from what I can remember, they were all female - except for one male that has been bullying many of them but it seems like they have been defending themselves well so - go ladies!!

The tour was not at all like an amusement park - it was very peaceful. And smelled amazing. I just kept sniffing and sniffing because the air was glorious.

We learned that alligators live in freshwater and crocodiles in salt. Which means, if you happen to harass an alligator it will definitely try to attack (and maybe kill) you but it will not eat you. Humans are too salty. They are also not really interested in attacking us unless provoked. In fact, if you decide to walk through The Everglades (which our tour guide does sometimes) the sound of your feet are like earthquake tremors to them and signal them to flee. I’m still not going to walk through alligator invested waters but I felt a little better after hearing that.

While I snapped pictures, my mom asked questions. She was curious about the babies and we learned that the female will lay up to sixty eggs but usually only two survive. TWO! Other fellow wildlife creatures in The Everglades look to the babies as meals. Nature is beautiful and cruel and weird.

After our airboat was docked, we meandered over to a new area to watch a small show. Yep, a slightly goofy and awkward show. We were ushered to the 2nd and 3rd row of seats. Soon after my mom hopped down to the first row and was about to take pictures of the gorgeous alligators in the enclosure when the guide firmly waved her back to her seat. Apparently, we are supposed to be four feet away from the alligators and he is always supposed to be between the two of us. I was happy to be in the safe zone while my mom was still eyeing a way to get a closer look. Oy vey!

We saw a toad, scorpion, a very large turtle, the huge alligators in the last few pictures along with some smaller ones.

I’m so glad we got a chance to take the airboat ride. If I would make any changes, I would pass on the show and double the amount of time out on the water. It was so crazy to fly through The Everglades including some of the short grasses coming out of the water - it was quite bizarre.

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