Spanish Moss and A Lighthouse

Spanish Moss and A Lighthouse

Around 2 miles before our arrival into Savannah and then Tybee Island, I told my mom the next few turns off the highway and she frowned and asked me to check if our campground had any suggestions for directions to the park.

I quickly searched the campground and found a note on their website saying that their was construction in Savannah and the GPS instructions would be taking us through it so instead, take the directions listed on their site.

Unfortunately we already passed one of the major highways that we needed to detour on so I winged it and found another highway that would get us to the same place. We exited the highway and took a smaller “highway” into town and then to our campsite. It quickly turned into a beautiful street lined with very old, gorgeous trees with Spanish moss hanging from every limb. It was quintessential Savannah.

We drove along the narrow street and held our breath. Every other block there was a tree that had a nice shave off the bottom of the lowest limb. Clearly a sign that some vehicle came through that was too tall. At one point, we both heard what sounded like our AC unit hit something and my heart sunk. My mom tried to distract me by pointing out lovely houses but my anxiety rose as they street looked like it was going to continue on forever. Well, more like 10 miles but when you have this feeling your RV is barely missing overhanging trees by the thickness of a sheet of paper, each mile feels like 100 and you want to barf.

We made it in safely with our AC unit in tact. No damage whatsoever. I’ve already done research on directions out of here to St. Augustine tomorrow and we are NOT taking that same street again. No thank you.

We spent one afternoon walking around downtown Savannah and exploring Forsyth Park and the neighboring streets. Savannah has held on strong to its roots and beautiful architecture.

One day we took an hour and a half drive to Hilton Head Island and spent the afternoon on a dog friendly beach. Phoebe went nuts. She ran, played, ate sand and was very friendly to everyone she encountered. She even helped a guy out by eating fish scales off of his tackle box. Or maybe that wasn’t helpful, I wasn’t entirely sure. But the women sitting nearby thought it was hilarious.

One thing I found very interesting on Hilton Head Island was that their buildings were so hidden. It seemed purposeful that they hid them in behind old trees and foliage. At the entrance to each street was a sign that showed the stores located down the way. No easy to spot McDonalds signs. No eye sore, busy looking buildings. Everything felt very cohesive.

Today, we took a short walk from our campground to a lighthouse on Tybee Island. Many houses had a view of it from their backyard which I thought was pretty stunning. Unfortunately we couldn’t go on the beach nearby - no pets allowed. After our walk around the lighthouse we made it back to the campground before it started pouring down rain.

Off to St. Augustine tomorrow and the rest of the year will be spent in Florida!

St. Augustine, FL

St. Augustine, FL

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