Footloose and Leash Free

Footloose and Leash Free

We were basically naked and afraid.

Okay, Phoebe was the naked one (sans leash) and we were the sorta kinda afraid ones that watched as she frolicked on the beach.

Phoebe has never been off leash before except in dog parks but we can always see the boundary of the fence. There is a dog park here in San Diego on Fiesta Island that is 4,578 acres - okay, maybe more like 90 acres. But big! It has a fence around it but you can't really see that edges of it except for when you enter and exit. 

We thought we would give Phoebe a try at Fiesta Island first so that if she went buck wild and ran off into the sunset there would at least be a fence to stop her from running into traffic. 

It. Was. A. Success!

Not only did she stay close by, but she was friendly to other dogs (as usual) and pleasant to people (unusual). 

It was like she had been off her leash her whole life. There was a small beach that we walked up and down and Phoebe full sprinted the entire thing. She has a little bit of a sand eating fetish but other than that she was like a pig in slops.

We decided that since she did so well at Fiesta Island we would take her to where all the pro off leash-ers go...Dog Beach.

We went back three times that's how successful it was!

She jumped and played in the water. Chased and got chased by other dogs. Sniffed butts. Told some dogs to get out of her personal space and got covered head to toe in sand. She is a mighty strong swimmer for a dachshund and only needed my assistance a few times. 

We did have a little scare when she decided it would be extra fun to run full force towards a small sand hill and almost go over the edge out of sight. How we got her back I can't really remember because I was panicking about how in the heck we were going to run across soft, warm sand and catch her. She only did it once and I outsmarted her by bringing treats the next time. Ha!

I don't have pictures of her off leash because there is an element of distraction when I take photographs. Not only am I trying to keep my camera safe but it often times feels like there is a wall up between me and what I am photographing. I am not always fully in the moment. I knew this was going to be a memory I wanted to solidify in my brain and not try to fumble around and capture on camera. I did take a few videos the second time we went but I definitely missed out on those moments. 

So, you'll just have to rely on the visual of my story to give you an idea of our off leash fun. 

The second best part about her being off leash is that she passes out once we get home. And that, in and of itself, is a success.

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