It's Complicated

It's Complicated

Not only is this title a great movie (Meryl Streep and Steve Martin - oh yes!) but true life for us. What isn't complicated and weird and fun and sad and crazy about our current adventure?

We made a family decision to zoom up north to be with family that is going through a personal struggle and we wanted to be close by. 

After making our way north through California we cancelled some of our reservations and made it to Portland in 2 days. We've never had days where we park, sleep and then get on the road again the next morning. It was intense. 

We were glad to spend some cozy, relaxed and fun time with our family friends in Portland. They are the best and were very close to my aunt. A sleepover and a few dinners later, we were on our way to Seattle. 

After a stressful entrance into our campground, we were greeted by squeals, tight hugs, and overwhelming enthusiasm from our family. 

Our campground is part beautiful, part dumpy. Our RV requires 50 AMPs to run the electricity but the camp only provides 30. Womp. And just like each campsite before this one, people come out of their own RVs to offer help. Two guys showed up to park our RV and one of those guys let us borrow his converter for the electrical outlet. Apparently we can't run 4 hairdryers, our convection oven and 2 AC units at the same time but otherwise, we should be good to go. After one look at us, they should have guessed we don't use a hairdryer often. Ha! 

This morning only the lights were working (barely). The refrigerator, microwave and pretty much everything else wouldn't turn on. And it was raining. And freezing. The camp ranger came by to help and wondered where the heck our husband was hiding. My mom told him he would be searching for a long time.

After running to get coffee and breakfast, it was determined by the ranger that the electric problem was a camp problem not an RV problem. Thankfully he was able to fix it because if not, we were going to have to move and I was going to beg and plead for them to bring in a huge construction claw to pick up our RV and move it to the new spot. Fortunately we didn't have to resort to those measures. 

We haven't done a lot of blogging because we have been moving a lot and we didn't have much to really blog about. I pondered often about hopping on here to write about my aunt but even that was hard but I think now that we are going to be stationary for awhile, I'd like to make the time to sit down and do it. 

We missed the University of Oregon college tour (where my aunt and I went) which I believe to be some sort of UCLA/UW/Claremont conspiracy but we will finish my mom's college tours while we are here and then end with the (cough) best college last! 

Phoebe is doing well and has encountered many new people in the last couple of days. No fingers were injured and there have only been a few wet stuffed animals. No casualties. We are very relieved.

The pictures below are from Buellton, CA where we were blown away by the charm of the campground. They have spots for RVs, tents and a lot of very modern looking cabins. They had a cafe, pool, Airstream alley, dog park, beautiful facilities and the most gorgeous views. It wasn't in the most ideal location - it was 45 minutes from Santa Barbara - but I could totally see having a staycation there and just embracing everything the camp has to offer. We will definitely want to go back!

When the Going Gets Tough, We Head to the Drive-Thru

When the Going Gets Tough, We Head to the Drive-Thru

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Family Campus Tour - UCLA