When the Going Gets Tough, We Head to the Drive-Thru

When the Going Gets Tough, We Head to the Drive-Thru

We ran some errands on Tuesday and when we got back home we were ready to crash. Phoebe and I went on a walk while my mom exchanged out the borrowed electrical converter for the one we got that day. 

Well we learned one thing, timing matters.

When Phoebe and I got back, my mom was struggling to get the new converter hooked up with our 50 AMP cord. 

I tried it. She tried it. We kicked it and tried a few other strange techniques but nothing worked. Even when we plugged the borrowed converter back in, all electricity was gone. 

By now it was about 5:30 so we made a quick call to the office to see if they could come fix the box like they did last time. Only one woman was on site and she casually assessed the situation. 

"Well, nothing we can do until tomorrow morning."

Oh fantastic.

No heat. No cooking. No water. No TV (okay this one was the least important but still).

She made two calls but the receivers of the calls both said the same thing - wait until the morning. 

Her third call was to the manager. He said he would comp us one night if we decided to go to a motel or...

We could move.

Both of these options sound so simple and yet - not really. If we went the motel route, we would have to pay much more than a comped night would be at an RV campground, plus it would have to be dog friendly, and we'd have to figure out a dinner situation.

Moving sites was truly the worst possible option but it was also the least expensive (sort of) and would potentially get us into a better spot.

It can take us anywhere from 30-45 minutes to pack up. This time, it took 10 minutes. 

Since it has been raining nonstop since we've arrived, we were afraid we wouldn't make it up the hill with big Thelma trailing behind us. As the three of us held our breath, Louise powered her wheels up the hill like a champ and got us out of there. The new spot was across the street. Getting over there was not a problem. Getting into the site spot was. 

I think it took us a solid hour to get into the spot (crookedly). Usually fellow campers will appear to help us back in but it was a good long while before anybody showed up. Before help arrived, we went back and forth, back and forth. Too tight. Too crooked. 

Holy smokes we almost fell into the river.

I even tried to back up the RV but no such luck. Meanwhile, after we are just about ready to park the camper in the street, mosquitos materialize. Oh perfect. Because adding mosquitos to this situation will make everything better.

The mosquitos disappeared minutes before the torrential downpour began and just as our neighbor decided it was time to step in. Oh and did I mention, it is pretty much dark out. 

We had a yummy dinner planned but after hours of stress, we decided I should just hop in the truck and get us some burgers to go. 

The upside to this spot is that we have a decent river view and 50 AMP power - no converter needed. On the downside, there is no sewer hookup so a "honey pot" company comes out once a week for $60 A VISIT to empty our tanks. If our current adventure doesn't pan out, we are going into the sewer removal industry. Ugh!

Change campgrounds you say? That would be an amazing idea except all of the campgrounds that can take a camper like ours are booked until anywhere from May to October. Womp. 

As long as we don't fall into the river or overflow our tanks, we'll make this one work. Come hell or dirty poop water!


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