That One Time We Almost Fell Off a Cliff

That One Time We Almost Fell Off a Cliff

We made it back to our original hike that was crowded a few days before. This time, it was pretty much empty.

We packed a lunch, a few snacks and a water bottle because our water backpack was drop kicked into the trash can right before we left and was unusable. The leaks from that thing drove us nuts.

It was very sunny but we had a constant cool breeze which made the hike very enjoyable.

This time, I asked my mom to check and recheck the elevation on this hike. I wasn't about to do any more crawling - little did we know, we would be doing that on the last half of this hike.

1.9 miles and an almost 300 foot elevation - that's doable.

At one point, we spotted a seal! We saw its little head pop up and then swim back under the water to go look for lunch. I'm not quite sure how it was possible but as we got further and further into the hike, it got more and more beautiful. 

Gorgeous blue water.

Warm golden sun.

Soft cool breeze.

A slight smell of summer mixed with sea salt.

Every once in a while (by accident of course!) I would slip close to the edge of the trail and my mom would whip around in terror of me falling off the end into the water below. I always laughed and kept walking.

Soon enough though, we ran into trail that was getting quite perilous. It was very beautiful but odd that the trail was getting smaller and smaller. Between us and the water was a nice steep drop off and some scraggly bushes along with lots of trees. We toughed it out for awhile but then  the trail turned into more cliff and less trail. 

We carefully turned around until we ran into a trail that looked a little more open.


I lost my footing and fell forward onto my knees. Hard. I'd like the record to show that this time I did not cry. And fortunately I fell going up the hill and not...down into the water. While I did not cry, I was getting a bit peeved. I didn't want to go back the way we came but this also didn't seem right either.

When in doubt - just go back the way you came!

We decided to go on the random trail that provided a little more of a walking path than the cliff. It was slightly better but certainly not right. There was lots of low brush and Phoebe had a hard time jumping over all of the low branches and logs.

Soon we came upon a huge fallen tree so I let Phoebe go under, I hoisted myself over and I pulled my mom over once I was on the other side. Shortly after we heard this loud CRACK and I thought maybe there was another group of people struggling along the trail too. 

We turned around just as a tree came slamming down to the ground a few yards from us. 

My mom and I looked at each other and then quickly rushed along the path until we ran back into the original trail.


We drank the last of our water and fortunately were only about 20 minutes from the truck. We skipped the last bit of trail and cut along the beach back to the parking lot. We took a little rest and Phoebe basked in the sun on the nice warm rocks. 

Besides the last part of our hike, we agreed that this was one of the best hikes we have been on since the start of this trip.

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