Who Run the World? GIRLS!

Who Run the World? GIRLS!

A few weeks ago we pulled into a park in Mount Vernon that had first come, first serve spots. We are used to being assigned a spot but we rolled through until we found one that looked doable.

A back in.

I'm not sure if you've gathered but we prefer pull through spots. Easy in, easy out. 

But lately, most of the campgrounds we've encountered in Washington are back-in spots.

Well, we've gotten some practice and we improved our communication skills. Not pro status but certainly better than a year ago. Now, I make my mom hop out of the truck so that she can see where the RV is headed, what obstacles she has and how close we are to sitting in our recliners. 

At the Mount Vernon campground, we got in the spot in under five passes. Meaning, we only made a few corrections and got in fairly quickly. I don't think the intensity of the moment hit us until our neighbor across the way came over to me with a hop in her step.

My mom was getting the electricity hooked up and I was working on the levels. The woman approached me and said how impressed she was with how well we backed into the space. Just yesterday, she said, a man in his 40s spent an hour trying to get into the same spot and gave up after a few people came over to help. 

The woman was so giddy that I stammered and said how much that meant to us considering we had been on the road for less than a year. Well that news nearly knocked her flat on her face. She screamed with laughter and told me she was going to have to tell her husband. 

When my mom came around from behind the RV, the woman told the story all over again and said how thrilled she was to see women driving and working so hard on an RV. 

Not until that moment did it really dawn on me how massive this adventure is. We certainly are not the first female only RVers out there but it's rare. At least from what we've observed in the last year. 

I take it for granted because my mom makes it look easy. She's fiercely confident, brave and wholeheartedly believes we can do anything. And occasionally admits that we are never too proud to ask for help. 

We can do it. We are doing it. And maybe the element of surprise that we are women will wear off soon for some people. 

I think our culture is stuck in old expectations. We expect the 40 year old man to back into the spot in one swift move and underestimate the ability of women being successful in what I suppose is a more typical male role. That thinking is clearly a disservice to both. You don't need any "stereotypical" male skills to operate a vehicle - at least not in our case. You just have to be brave. And keep trying. And above all - have patience. 


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