One Year on the Road!

One Year on the Road!


Today marks one year on the road.


Around this time last year, we were closing in on Anderson, IN; our first campground after traveling for many hours on the road.

In one year we’ve visited 56 RV parks and 31 states! I can’t even believe those numbers.

Fifty-six times we’ve packed up our RV (go Thelma!) and hit the road (thank you Louise!). Fifty-six times we’ve typed in a new location on our GPS to travel to and all of those miles (about 25,000) have brought us from the north to the south and coast to coast.

Here’s our luckiest fact - NO FLAT TIRES. We’ve had the RV tires checked and pumped maybe once and the truck tires entirely replaced last year around Thanksgiving. I remember watching a video around the time we left last year about a couple that had a tire blow out early on in their trip. I’ve been terrified since then that we were going to get stranded on some highway, in scorching heat (always scorching heat!), with a flat on our 18,000 pound RV. We have been very fortunate that this has not happened. Thank you travel gods!

Maybe the thing that surprises most of you is this - my mom and I are still getting along after a year of travel. To be completely honest, I think we’ve only had three squabbles and that’s about it. We understand each other better now than we did a year ago. I think our relationship could be summed up somewhere between the Gilmore girls and 21 Jump Street. Close knit and full of pranks. My mom said one night during this trip that if a mom and daughter are lucky enough, someday they might get the experience of being true friends. We get to live that every day.

I think our favorite place is still Mystic, Connecticut. We’ve seen a lot of beautiful and interesting places but Mystic still holds strong in number one. Monterey may be a close second.

There have been two falls down the stairs, four head bumps, one leg scrape, a few burns and some arm scratches. Not too bad from an injury perspective.

And most importantly, my aunt Cardie has been with us the whole way. We brought her urn with us and she sits across from us in the living room. Her pictures line up on what I guess you would call our mantle. We think of her everyday but I also spend a lot of time thinking - “What would she think of this?”, “Would she like this campground?” or “She would totally change this”. A year later and the grief is harder. It seems there is no true order to grief and I started off in “acceptance” and now I am in the “anger” stage. A lot of “denial” sprinkled in around the anger.

And Phoebe, well, she basically runs the place. She started off like a ferocious body guard and now she is more like a flirty tour guide. Her social skills have skyrocketed and everywhere she goes, she makes her presence known. Her second job is in therapy. Whenever my mom and I are upset or hurt, she will come to the rescue. Don’t feel bad for her - it may sound like she has quite a busy schedule but she gets a full 20 hours of sleep per day. She’s one happy and relaxed pup.

Sometimes I can’t believe we actually got on the road. Most days it feels completely natural and other days it is really hard. I’m proud of how far we’ve gotten and how much more we get to see. Life on the road is full of surprises, challenges and sudden changes. A lot like life in general, just in a moving home.

Here’s to another year!

Photography by Annie Spratt from Unsplash.

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