A Gem in Pacifica

A Gem in Pacifica

It was great to see the big things in San Francisco - the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Lombard Street, etc. But I found the things local to our RV campground to be just as special. We had two favorite places that we took Phoebe on walks. One was a gorgeous cliff trail that you can take your dog(s) off leash called Fort Funston. I didn’t capture this one on camera but if you are ever in the area - with or without dogs, you must check it out.

The second one was called Mori Point. The first two times we went there we did the trail along the beach. Off in the distance you could see a huge hill full of yellow flowers but I wrote that off as a no go because the walk looked too treacherous. But one day I was thinking about that humongous hill and thought - why not? We wouldn’t sprint up it but we could slow walk. And we did.

We probably would have gone only once (we were leaving in two days) but I stupidly forgot my camera and when we got to the top it was so stunning that I said we HAD to come again. My iPhone pictures just weren’t cutting it. Once you arrive at the top there is a trail that leads you down a little ways to the edge of the “hill” where you can see waves crashing on big rocks and get an even better view of the ocean. As we were walking down, the first time, I wasn’t watching my step and my right leg slipped and sort of flopped forward. My knee hit the ground first and then the rest of my leg as I slid down. I didn’t go far but the burn radiating from my leg made it feel like some good damage had been done. I had long pants on so I couldn’t see my leg but I did have a tiny cut on my foot. I hobbled down a little further but then it seemed like it was best to head back. I sucked it up as we walked back but the pain from my leg was nauseating.

Once we got back to the RV, I peeled off my pants and sure enough, there was a nice road burn from my fall. Even a week and a few days later, it’s still trying to heal. We are almost through a tube of Neosporin and two packages of large bandages. Not to get gory but the center of both of the major scrapes had many, many layers of skin taken off of them. Ouch.

We did make it back to the trail the next day - even though my leg was killing me. I was extra careful the second time and was grateful we got to capture this beautiful spot.

To Mamma, With Love

To Mamma, With Love