Baby Nugget Saved The Day

Baby Nugget Saved The Day

Our trip to Tatogga was mostly uneventful. We did however see FOUR bears and one black fox. On the drive to Telkwa we saw our first black bear. The other three were a mama and two young cubs. We have not seen, much to my mom’s dismay, any moose. Stay tuned.

We were about 9 miles away from the campground when we saw signs for it and then practically slammed on our brakes in order to make it into the parking lot. Good for nothing GPS was wrong. My phone seems to be very disoriented here in Canada - much like myself. We pulled up to the front, as usual, and my mom went in to get us checked in.

She returned with eyes wide, mouthing something to me as she approached the truck. When she finally got in the truck she said the front desk guy was extremely strange. I was about to shrug it off when she said that he only charged us for one night. Huh? My mom explained to him that we reserved our spot for four nights and the man said he would only charge us for one night because he knew we’d leave tomorrow. That sounded creepy to me.

He continued by saying that there wasn’t much to do here so he wouldn’t blame us for wanting to leave after one night. With eyebrows raised, my mom said that he showed her a map of the surrounding area and suggested other spots nearby to stay. Oh, and did I mention that this campground is not full hook up. We have water, 30 amp electric and no sewer. They don’t even have a dump site so you get to carry your unmentionables around until your next campground. Not ideal.

My mom inquired about wildlife (excitedly) because their website mentioned we’d see bears, moose, etc. With a very confused facial expression, the man said that unless we were driving around at 3 or 4 in the morning, we wouldn’t see any wildlife at all. We were safe. So far, he’s been right, except for the eery stuffed wolves in the dining hall of the main office. The man urged my mom to take one last look at the map - and my mom asked why because we’d probably be back to use the wifi and explore the camp. He mentioned that he probably wouldn’t see us again so he wanted to take the time to show her now. 

I’m sorry…WHAT?!

Without a map or clear directions we found our way down to the RV sites. We were supposed to go past a parked tour van but that didn’t seem right - there was no road. When we got to the sites we realized we were approaching them the wrong way. We did miss the turn and had to squeeze our way back up to the front to take the nonexistent road down to our spot. We rolled past an abandoned house, a junk yard full of tires and plowed over weeds that hadn’t been touched in a few seasons. We made it easily into our spot and I hopped out. Upon opening my door and working my way over to the leveler control panel on the RV, I was swarmed by blood thirsty mosquitos. I started waving my arms like a lunatic and asked (or rather screamed) for my mom to grab the bug spray from inside the RV. We bathed ourselves in spray but the attacks kept coming. We got set up as quickly as possible and I ran Phoebe around before rocket launching us both inside and then slamming the door. 

The man was right, we weren’t going to stay more than one night. I felt hopeful when we first parked because a Class A RV was on the other side of us so we weren’t entirely alone. Except, upon closer look, the RV was abandoned and the glass on the front windshield was busted and so was one of the side windows. 

We have no cell service and the campgrounds further north don’t seem to have websites. So we are going to hop in the truck, hitch up and drive until we find a less horrifying place to stay for the next couple of nights until we continue west to Whitehorse, Yukon. 

Update - Baby Nugget saved us. We drove and drove where we finally reached a campground that was suggested by a person we (and by we I mean my mom) met at a gas station. We were so thrilled to finally be parking and settling in for the next three nights. We made our way down to the sites and discovered that they seemed to be entirely dry camping. Dry camping, if you are not familiar, is well…dry. No amenities whatsoever. This spot was not going to work. We turned around and got back on the road.

We spent another hundred miles or so searching for something doable when we saw signs for a full hookup campground. Woohoo. We followed the signs and found ourselves at Baby Nugget RV Park. The full hookup part ended up being a lie or maybe a sick mirage eager to lure us in. Either way the park was 1000 times nicer then Tatogga so we paid for a few nights and set up camp. The pictures below are from Baby Nugget.

Whitehorse, Yukon

Whitehorse, Yukon

Telkwa and Smithers

Telkwa and Smithers