Timberline Valley RV Resort

Timberline Valley RV Resort

Our second campsite on this adventure! We weren't really sure what Anderson, IN had to offer but we really enjoyed our time there. Here are our thoughts on the camp:

Location: This camp was a bit tricky to get to. The campsite actually had directions to get to their location because interestingly enough, they are not navigable via GPS. I would definitely follow the directions on their website and keep a close eye out for the turn in front of their local airport. We missed it and had to go about a mile out of our way with Thelma and that was a little stressful. Otherwise, the camp is about 10 minutes from a beautiful hike and about 15-20 minutes from shopping.

Camp Atmosphere: When I took Phoebe on walks around the campground, it reminded me of a grandparent's huge backyard turned into an RV campsite. There were huge, very mature trees and a large lawn at the backside of the camp. They also had a "pool" that was actually a rustic lake for entertainment during the summer. I think my favorite part of the atmosphere was the hiking trail that went around the back of the camp. It was shaded by trees and extra beautiful when we were there because of all of the fall leaves. 

Camp Sites: Much like Nashville Shores, the sites are pretty close together. We were extra tight next to our neighbor and we could see straight to their window. Not a huge deal but definitely not spacious if you are there long term. Site includes fire pit, hook-ups and picnic table. Our RV spot had rock gravel with grass on the sides but many of the sites were just on grass.

Amenities: Camping supply store, laundry facility, hiking trail, kids playground, water activity rentals, 2 trash facilities*, fire pit at each camp site, and a bathroom facility.

*They did trash valet - meaning you put out your trash before a specific time and then it is picked up by camp maintenance. Ours was never picked up so it didn't seem that useful. Instead, we made the trek back to the dumpsters to throw away our trash.

Final Rating - 7 out of 10