Hidden Valley Camping Area

Hidden Valley Camping Area

The drive through New York was long and beautiful. We couldn't wait to park at Hidden Valley Camping area. Here are our thoughts:

Location: This camp is close to a local shopping center with a grocery store. There were a lot of local farm stands close by which was very cool. It is however, not entirely close to the interstate which can be nice and also a patience tester for when you are arriving and leaving.

Camp Atmosphere: This was another campground that made us feel like we were in the back of a very big grandparent's background. While it was beautiful, especially with all of the trees that had leaves turning, we felt like we were intruding on an already established mini vacation neighborhood. It seemed like 1/4 of the camp was for RVers and the rest was for permanent trailer park lots. It was a cute area to walk around but I felt a little out of place. 

Camp Sites: The sites were more spread out here! Kind of. The field we were in had room left to right but front to back it was a bit tight. Fortunately nobody was in front of us but I could see that being a little close when full. Each site had water, a picnic table and fire pit. It did not however have a sewer hookup so when you were ready to leave, you would dump on your way out. In our case, for the two days that we were there, it wasn't too bad. But if you are staying longer, I would think it would be tedious to dump every couple of days and then re-park your RV.

Amenities: Grocery/camping supply store, trash facilities*, fire pit at each camp site, and a bathroom facility.

*I wasn't ever really sure about the trash situation. They said we could leave it out for pick up but it would have been nice to know where it was located. That was our fault for not asking.

Final Rating - 6 out of 10